Obstetrics Simulation Training Program

Obstetrics Simulation Training Program

Our Vision:

All hospitals in the state of Iowa will use best practices for maternal care.

Our Mission:

To impart knowledge, skills based on level-specific resources, to create a self-sustaining simulation-based education and communication teaching program.



Postpartum Hemorrhage: Low-Fidelity Simulation

Postpartum Hemorrhage: Mid-Fidelity Simulation

Postpartum Hemorrhage: High-Fidelity Simulation

Virtual Obstetrics Interdisciplinary Team Simulation Training Course - Fall 2021

Statewide Perinatal Preconference Workshop


Simulation Materials:

Confidentiality Agreement

TEAM Skills and Assessment Tool

OB Anaphylaxis Documents

OB Magnesium Toxicity

OB Postpartum Hemorrhage 


MHLIC Postpartum Hemorrhage Case Scenarios

MHLIC Postpartum Hemorrhage Scenario Training Aids

MHLIC Postpartum Hemorrhage Debriefing Form

MHLIC General Notes Templates