Obstetrics Emergency Department Simulation Training Program

OB ED Simulation Training Program

Rural ER’s are becoming more and more important in the fight to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality and improve infant outcomes in the state of Iowa, and are not always prepared for women seeking maternity services to walk into their facility. As part of the Statewide Obstetrics Mobile Simulation Training Program, one of our goals is to help educate ER providers on how to handle situations that may arise. These monthly, 1-hour calls over virtual didactic training on a number of situations that ER facilities and EMS providers may face with an OB patient. The long-term plan for this initiative includes monthly calls, on-demand access to recordings of previous sessions, virtual team sessions, and access to the OB Simulation Team as a resource for best practices in running your own simulations. In the future, we will be bringing training directly to your facility, as this is where you learn best, and where your own internal QI processes will be made.

ER OB Trainings

ER OB Trip

Contact Nicole-Anderson@uiowa.edu to schedule a visit at your facility 

Virtual Trainings

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